[U8]: Task 7 – Planning and Organisation

20th March – 4th of May: Art & Life

Once we found out which pieces we were going to perform we could finally start planning, researching and rehearsing.

Rehearsal time available

Lessons: 35.25h
Self directed: 25h
No directed study available.

Not all of the lessons will be used for commission, but I’m unsure which ones won’t and which ones will. So that’s the reason why I’m putting down the maximum amount of time available, in the end it will probably end up much less than that. Also, due to me having English and Maths I have less time than most other people for this project but it will still be enough.

I will be collaborating with Will on the piece ‘The Last Supper’ and Mia on the piece ‘A Doll’s House’. They are both from the acting pathway which is convenient for me as I won’t have to rely on any other timetable except for the actors one.

With all of this time available I plan to research, discussing ideas and make decisions with my colleague as well as actually rehearse the pieces. All of the time is valuable because it can also be used to just run lines without character just to see if we know what we should say or searching for costumes and props – making props, although at this point I’m not sure what props we will need and if I will have to make anything.


I’m not counting week 5 as time that is available because pretty much all of it will be used for tech, dress and then the actual performance.

Monday – March 20th

I started off with research.

Tuesday – March 21st

Wednesday – March 22nd

Thursday – March 23rd

Lynn helped us with some great tips for a good schedule which I intended to update soon. Once I talk to the other groups and organise around everyone, that is.

Friday – March 24th

Week 1 total lessons time used for commission: 5/9.5h

This week wasn’t that productive because we have just started and although I wish we could have started strong, we started slow. Researching and testing the waters with what we had; reading through the scripts.

I am predicting that we’re not going to use any of the script lessons to work on commission, but the others are still up for debate.

Monday – March 27th

Today I realised I needed to set the schedule in action and actually get it rolling. I had to ask Will what days he was rehearsing his other piece so that i could then rehearse the rest of the days with him and any days i wouldn’t rehearse with him, i would rehearse with Mia. I knew Mia’s other piece was a solo song which she could work any time I wasn’t working with her so it wasn’t a problem. The times that we would have in a lesson I would then use to catch up on any WordPress work if needed and if not I’d then work on my pieces with whoever is available. If there are people who hadn’t made plans then that’s great and I will just use that time to work with them.

Since we could always rehearse on self directed i planned to have TLS on Monday and Friday while ADH would be rehearsed on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday has no self directed study sessions so i left it open to improvisation.


I’ve also written down the deadlines for multiple things, which might be wishful thinking but if I hope that I learn lines during the Easter Holidays and research character during holidays as well then rehearsals will be much cleaner.

We have achieved the deadline of casting and finding the correct scenes though. Me and Will will be doing a double casting because we just couldn’t decide on which role to play as. While me and Mia have by this point decided the section that we want to do the only problem was that she had been reading the original play while I was reading the slightly modernised version from the internet. Both led to the same thing, basically and both of us preferred my version so that’s the one that we wanted to do.

Tuesday – March 28th

I did not remember that today was an audition day which meant that we didn’t have any lessons which should be good but it threw me off guard and I only managed to try going through lines with both people for short whiles.

Wednesday – March 29th

As expected we didn’t use script lesson for commission but we did use improvisation lesson for commission. It was a great help to have input from Erica.

Thursday – March 30th

By this day me and Mia pretty much had the skeleton of the blocking done. Obviously we needed to work but since it’s a simple scene stage-wise we managed to get the blocking good enough.

Friday – March 31st

We had prepared for this but we didn’t know that we were going to do this from the start, Of course it didn’t harm us much because we still have quite a long time to go and our pieces are coming along nicely.

Week 2 total lessons time used for commission: 3.75/9.5h

Everything is starting to piece together and there’s been quite some research done to at least get us started on the right emotions and characterisation.

Easter Holidays

During the Easter Holidays I planned to learn lines and continue research on my characters.

Tuesday – April 18th

As I’ve mentioned I had planned to have lines learned by this point but even though I’ve spent quite some time learning them I didn’t spend enough. When we had to perform the pieces in front of tutor and colleagues I had to be on script for both of my pieces because I wasn’t confident enough nor did I know them well enough. So in a way I failed this deadline set for myself but the real deadline is on show night when we actually perform so as long as I know them by then, no one will know. I am however disappointed in myself because if I knew my lines further rehearsals would be easier.

Wednesday – April 19th

Thursday – April 20th

An unpredicted showing of what we had done so far led to being unable to rehearse with the people most of the time however this included the whole day dismissing us from our classes which is a good enough compensation.

Friday – April 21st

On this day me and Will rehearsed quite a bit since we had a room alone and no one to disturb us. The blocking for this scene is literally just one person standing and the other one sitting, as we’ve done it for the last few lines the pope stands up from the chair but that’s about the only change there is blocking and staging wise. So I would say that I achieved the goal of having it all blocked by today however not even close to my standards. Thankfully there is still one week to go and in that week we only need to expand on what we already have.

Week 3 total lessons time used for commission: 5.75/6.75h

My schedule at the end of week 3:


Monday – April 24th

This week on Friday we’re going to watch the National Theatre’s ‘Twelfth Night’ which I’m excited for but that means our Friday rehearsal schedules will be altered or completely cancelled depending on when we’re done watching.

Tuesday – April 25th

Finally remembered to record a rehearsal, which was also our first try to go without the script – visibly it failed a bit. Then after lunch Erica helped us finish our blocking for ‘A Doll’s House’ and I can quite confidently say that that is about done. Now we really need to get our lines sharp.

Once I got home I saw that the ticket sales weren’t doing very well so I volunteered to make a trailer for the show by gathering rehearsal videos and editing them into a short show-reel, I wanted to do this as soon as possible.

Wednesday – April 26th

Even though it was good to run the whole show to be able to know at what stage we’re at, it was yet another interruption of possible rehearsal times. Then again this is Wednesday and there was a possibility of not having time for rehearsal anyway because the day has no self directed study.

Thursday – April 27th

I finished gathering the rest of the costume that I needed… except for the pope shoes which we’ve decided to use as normal dress shoes instead. No one will notice and we don’t have the budget for anything better. The other two things missing are: A ring that will fit me and a zucchetto. I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to do about those but I’ll try asking around if anyone has anything similar to a zucchetto that I can borrow and any ring that will fit me, can’t be picky here.

Friday – April 28th

We watched the National Theatre’s ‘Twelfth Night’ and it was amazing! I am glad to have had the opportunity to watch it but it’s unfortunate how we missed out on this last day to rehearse before show week. Most of my things are sorted anyhow.

Today I was also finally done with my trailer:

I’m proud of it, and I’m glad I had the footage from Wednesday to use. It does look like a fun show! Took me hours and hours to make the trailer. I used Sony Vegas and a lot of tutorials explaining how to do things as well as finding music and background videos with no copyright.

Week 4 total lessons time used for commission: 6.25/9.5h

Tech run

Dress run 1

Dress run 2 and Show 1

Show 2

In conclusion:

I’m glad I made the schedule, but I’m glad I made the schedule in the way that I did because Thalia needed Will a lot to rehearse their piece. Understandably their piece is a bit more complicated than mine and Will’s and so all those days that I had planned to rehearse with Will and I missed out, I’m glad I missed out on ‘The Last Supper’ and not on ‘A Doll’s House’ because that’s the one that actually needed all of the time. So, I made the right decision in putting TLS on Friday and Monday and then rehearsing with Will whenever possible because ADH was rehearsed during those planned times and whenever Will wasn’t available. Whenever I wasn’t available Mia went on to practice her song. In the end it all worked out fine.


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