[U8]: Task 9 – Performances

This is the Programme that we used for the show. It was made my Emily Scott, who volunteered to make it.

Thursday 4th of May

Performance of ‘The Last Supper’ where I played as the pope:


I was performing as the pope and the notes for that were for it to be bigger and to be more pope-like. However I’m not performing next night as the pope so these notes apply to Will mostly.

Performance of ‘A Doll’s House’ where I played as Helmer:


Direct every word from the initial monologue at her so that it’s clear that I’m talking to her. I need to take longer at taking off the ring, I was already taking a bit of time but now I’ll take even longer. And again, I need to be stopped in my tracks when Nora says she doesn’t love me, I’ll try to make it even more obvious this time but I am a truthful actor so I won’t go overboard if I don’t feel it as the character.

Friday 5th of May

Performance of ‘The Last Supper’ where I played as Michelangelo:


“I liked your timing but the characters were a little underplayed as they didn’t allow the audience to realise early on that it was a comedy piece. Personally I preferred the version where Karolis was Pope and Will was Michaelangelo, I think the way you each played the characters that way round was stronger and clearer.”

I liked playing as both characters and felt a connection with both, however I do agree that there was a more realistic approach to it at the start because also we took on the black ragged cloth that Michelangelo wore as inspiration instead of characterising him as a fun painter. We did play him as that though so the audience could realise that it was a comedy. I’m not completely happy with how this piece turned out, it could have been so much funnier. The problem I think was in the delivery of lines, we ran the script so many times that we ended up running the script on stage with an attempt of character instead of performing it. I think we should have tried to freshen it up somehow to get out of the loop.

Performance of ‘A Doll’s House’ where I played as Helmer:

not available due to camera issues.

“You both really came on through rehearsals for this. I thought this was the best performance for you of this piece. Keep working on your characterisation as it seemed to take you a long time to get to this point. You have a really solid understanding of the text, but it took you getting the same notes three times before you acted upon them. I would suggest you rehearse in front of a mirror to ensure you are fully characterising the emotion through your face.”

“You’d taken on board some of the first night notes about really calling off-stage (otherwise it looked a bit like your co-performer had forgotten to come on!). I enjoyed the coolness of the character, although I really wanted to see him crumple at the end when she demands his wedding ring.”

It’s a shame that this performance wasn’t recorded because I also think that this was one of the best performances of this piece. I was playing the character in a more calm and demeaning way as in making it sound like this is the normal me and there is nothing wrong with making women inferior to men. However I was told to play it with more menace, which to me meant raising my voice more making it seem like I’m arguing with her instead of telling her how things should be. I have had a problem with showing emotion through my face for a theatre stage. I need to practice on exaggerating my expressions and theatre techniques instead of acting it real. If it was on camera, then it would work but for theatre my expressions are too small.

I didn’t have much positive feedback overall for either of the pieces, not that I had any negative either it’s just that there was a lot of constructive comments which are good and welcome because that just helps improve the performance. Seeing some of the other pieces only get positive feedback leaves me thinking that I’m not good enough or that I’m never doing things right. I’m glad I got lots of criticism though because getting a comment like “That was excellent, good job!” doesn’t give you the opportunity to change and try to get the piece better because you assume it’s at its best. However forcing out criticism is never good either because sometimes there just isn’t anything you notice that needs improvement. Overall, in this industry people need to know how to take constructive criticism, and I think I am one of the people who can. In fact I’d rather people tell me I need to improve than people tell me that I’m great and be lying about it just to not hurt my feelings. I’ve been told before that I need singing lessons while I was practicing singing in a room. I don’t get singing lessons because I can’t afford them but I will do my best to improve myself, because as long as those comments are around they will help me keep trying to be better.

At the end of the show we all come out for bows and as we are on stage we each have a leaflet showing our piece and on the back of it there are advertisements of our next shows. These leaflets are then given out to the audience by the technical team.

Art & Life leaflets


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