[U3]: Task 2 – Secondary Research

20/09/16 Presentations, Hannah Schofield

We were asked for the Dos and Don’ts of presentations and in this board is everything we came up with    img_20160920_115526465

Quite clearly there are a lot of them. I will try to comply with all of those but surely there is something that I will mess up out of habit. Personally I think that the most important bit of presentations is to not have a lot of text for people to read. All you need is a title and some subtitles just so that people know what you’re talking about, you should know everything in your head because you researched and studied this and if you don’t know it that means you didn’t learn it. Let’s see how many of these I follow during the presentation!

23/09/16, Presentation by Molly, Ryan, Karolis, Thalia and Mia

We presented the Pulse Festival Ipswich. All of the information is in the following video:

But to summarize:

  • 10 days of contemporary theatre which attracts people mainly from suffolk.
  • It has been around for 16 years
  • Focused for regional talent
  • 2 key development initiatives: Scratch Day and Suitcase Prize
  • Partners with China Plate, Gecko, Dance East, Eastern Angles
  • Family friendly
  • Has great bundle prices
  • Has had over 600 shows
  • The New Wolsey is to receive £2.5m over 2015-2018 which supports Pulse Festival

I think I could’ve spent a little more time remembering what I was talking about as i stumbled upon myself a bit and didn’t really know the names immediately. And also we had something in our slides that was my part to say but it wasn’t in for me to study it so I got quite shocked at the moment when I saw it in the slide.

Harvard Referencing

These are the websites we used to take our information from:



One thought on “[U3]: Task 2 – Secondary Research”

  1. Task 2 – Secondary Research
    It was very telling to read your thoughts on the presentations – sometimes it’s useful to see how a thing SHOULDN’T be done in order to know more about how best to do it!
    Your work on your own presentation is exemplary. Really clear and exceptionally well referenced.


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