[U7]: Task 1

Part 1 – Context

I have very little relevant experience in performing arts but it’s something I’ve always secretly liked, I just didn’t really know I did because we don’t have that option in Portugal. The most acting I did was in my Portuguese lessons where sometimes we had to act out what we read or something of that sort and I really liked that. As for being in front of people I think I’m fine. There was this one time I had to do a talk about the country I was born in, which is Lithuania. It was a foreign student’s thing and everyone was boring as hell. They didn’t come prepared, but I did because I thought it was something serious. I had a whole speech memorized, not too well but I knew more or less what I had to say. With every sentence people laughed. It was a funny speech. I imagine this is what it’s like to perform a funny play in front of an audience and have them laugh like that. That’s what I want. Oh, and I also played the skinny Santa in 4th grade. Santa went on a diet!

I have chosen to study performing arts, acting, because I cannot think of anything else I want to do. Everything else sounds boring. Sure, my other option of computer science maybe might have made me more money in the future, a more stable job, something that is always needed. People always need programmers. But then I thought how my future would ACTUALLY be. Working takes up a really big portion of your life. I’ve always liked computers, making computer games has been my dream for a long, long, time – but not anymore. The process of making games is much too boring. If I worked as a programmer, sure, I’d have money. I’d be able to enjoy life outside of work, if I wasn’t exhausted enough. But is it worth it? Why should I spend hours doing something I dislike so I can get enough money to buy something I like, when I could be doing something I enjoy and then even get money for that? I’d rather live worse financially, but live happily. This is what people mean when they say money can’t buy happiness.

I chose Conservatoire EAST mostly for the fact that it is the closest place to where I live. I could’ve chosen to go to the college in Norwich but I liked the people here, so I didn’t even apply.

I shall learn as much as I can. I know the path to be an actor looks easy from a spectator’s view, but I know it’s hard to become one, much less a good one, and I strive to become just that. I don’t know what my next step will be, but I know that my current step is in Conservatoire EAST and that’s where I’m going to focus. Ultimately, as most other actors, I think, I want to be recognized for something. I want to be known for something like Jim Carrey is known for his ridiculous expressions and movements in his movies or like Jackie Chan is known for being his own stunt double and a director who makes low budget movies into great movies. (Hopefully not like Adam Sandler. Maybe like Nicholas Cage.) I don’t know what my legacy will be, but I think I’ll be happy enough with a compliment.

Part 2 – Skills analysis

On my acting pathway at Conservatoire EAST I’ll be bringing my dedication and willingness to learn as skills. I do not possess the intricate technique knowledge that may be required on stage, but those are easily studied and acquired. My fitness levels are optimal for whatever necessary, I am not acrobatic enough for backflips or things alike, but I can move around quickly and easily since I also have a liking for parkour.

As I have mentioned before on the “Context” paper, I don’t have previous experiences in performing but the similar things I have done and my fondness of the idea makes me think that whatever skills for performance I might need, I either already have them or I will learn them in the upcoming year and the rest of my learning path.

Most of the time, I’d rather not be a leader in a group. I’ll collaborate with everyone and give my opinions but won’t try to lead to a completely different path. However, I will lead when I know that I know how to do something better.

I would say I am decent at playing basketball, swimming (I love snorkelling!) and doing parkour. I can speak Portuguese to the same degree as I speak English and I can speak some Lithuanian. I can type comfortably at more than 70WPM on a keyboard. I consider that I am able to speak/sing/rap rather quickly having been able to keep up and sing almost entirely from memory the song “Hardware Store” by Weird Al (which I’m still proud of and it’s quite a fun thing to tell your friends to try to keep up to). I can juggle 3 things and I can snap two fingers of one hand at once. As I get into the unrelated area more and more the list of my unusual skills ends.

I believe I am expected to have previous knowledge of various drama and performing techniques, which I have a very limited amount of as I said before but I am also expecting to change that this year. Dancing and singing skills are also to be expected, which I don’t have. I know nearly nothing about dancing and I am not so good at singing either.

Having all of this in mind musicals might not be my forte as of yet and will be an area I hope to improve on during the next year at Conservatoire EAST. Even though I will

have to learn a lot about everything, I think my strength lies in a role where I can be serious, silly, energetic, calm, focused or juggle all of those at once. My strength lies in the fact that I am behind everyone in terms of experience and that’s what will motivate me to do better. I will improve more than anyone else, that’s for sure. Besides, I’m a naturally funny person to be around. I’m hilarious – and humble! As humble as humble gets.


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