[U7]: Task 2

Performance of monologue:

A4 sheet with required information:

a. Much Ado About Nothing

b. Act 4 Scene 1

c. Leonato

d. The play is believed to be written in 1598 and 1599 and first performed in the winter of 1612.

e. Leonato is the centre of events from beginning to end. He’s an elderly and well respected noble who governs the city of Messina, in Italy, making him the second in social power only to Don Pedro. His home is the set for the play. He also has a daughter by the name of Hero and is uncle of Beatrice.

f. Leonato’s daughter, Hero, was set to marry Claudio, one of the soldiers. Claudio was promised a maid, and up until the speech of Claudio revealing the lies of Hero, everyone believed it to be true. The accusation of Hero not being a virgin anymore was an evil plot by Don John to ruin Claudio’s wedding as such, everyone believed it. Especially the easily swayed Leonato. While Hero is fainted from the harsh words of Claudio, Leonato is angered, disappointed and desperate that his only child has lied and is a dishonour to him. This monologue by Leonato prompts Friar Francis to suggest that Hero, after all, might be innocent.

Annotated script:



One thought on “[U7]: Task 2”

  1. Speech: You made good sense of the text and created the world around you very clearly. Think about pace and flow to really make the piece work.
    Skills:You are wonderfully articulate and realistic about your ambitions which is the best base-line from which to measure progress. Start working hard on your listening skills to conquer that English RP accent.


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