[U5&6]: Task 2 – Presentation


Small thoughts on everyone’s presentation


He had no power-point which instantly made me less interested. He said some of the films everyone knew but I didn’t know them and none of the ideas that he gave were memorable.


Two of her ideas were from the same movie which more than one person referenced. She could have broadened her research a bit.


She assumed that we knew a lot about her ideas already and didn’t tell us whether it was a group idea or solo. She also played videos for way too long.


None of her ideas caught my attention but I don’t think she did anything that bothered me either.


She had way too much text on her power-point, it wasn’t read nor did it serve any use. Her talking wasn’t that captivating either.


Her ideas really captivated my attention as she brought them to life with videos even if I didn’t recognise the movies. I especially liked her Disney movie parody song.


He had great indication and planning of exactly what he wanted done with the scenes and I really liked the titanic floating bodies dance idea.


She developed her ideas well but I think there was a bit too much irrelevant information.

Jacinta Weston

I like how she suggested who could do her choices. Her power-point however had a lot of text that couldn’t be seen. She didn’t really think about her white and black people idea because she suggested white people to do a part that specifically had to be done by a black person.


She had no power-point and her voice was very boring so that didn’t help me understand what she was suggesting.


She was straight to the point, had great imagery and great ideas.

Jessica Bellamy

Also very nice imagery and no extra unnecessary text. It was a great presentation all around. The ideas stuck to my head as they were explained and demonstrated well, especially liked her Jurassic Park silent movie idea.


Alright presentation, the ideas were presented nicely.


Didn’t understand most of her ideas that well. I do know that she got some suggestions from Lynn and took them. Which is nice, but hopefully she developed more into them and not ripped them straight off from Lynn.


Her ideas were actually extremely clever. Inside Out is a movie that I’ve seen and it is a very good idea for a group performance and I have no idea how I didn’t think of it.


My notes are very empty for her, either because her presentation interested me too much to take notes or because I couldn’t understand it that well.


He did a nice and simple presentation.

Lauren Dunning

She had no power-point but I understood the whole three of her ideas which just shows that if your voice is interesting you can make people understand your ideas easily. A tap dance from Happy Feet would be extremely fun to watch if we have a person who can tap as well as that penguin!

Ryan Smith

His ideas are brilliant. They look extremely fun to perform and watch. I can imagine myself doing his presto idea with him.


His presentation wasn’t bad even though I didn’t understand his ideas that well, but I understood what movie and what scene. I really just didn’t understand what he wanted to do with those scenes.


I could not read her power-point text, she had really bad organisation and i didn’t really understand what she was talking about because it seemed like she was talking about the same thing for five minutes when it could’ve been said in one. Suggested only dances, which is good for the dancers but she also could have expanded a bit more.

Ryan Adams

I only didn’t understand his group idea because I didn’t hear the movie clearly because I’ve never seen it but I like his Wall-E dance idea.


Again, could not read power-point. His ideas compensated for that because he explained them well. A lot if not most of his ideas were things that mostly it would be only him who could do because they were acrobatically challenging and I am fine with that – how challenging would it be to get someone who is not as good as Dylan at it to do them?

Lauren Hobbs

No power-point and unlike the other Lauren I couldn’t catch her ideas that well even though I know about what movie and scene they are.


Mostly only dances, but includes a monologue with one of the dances I think for the group. Sounds interesting to watch maybe, but definitely not interested in performing it.


Short and simple to the point ideas that come across clearly. I understood and liked all of his ideas even though I haven’t seen any of the movies. Shaun of the Dead fight scene sounds interesting.


All of her ideas were dances. In my opinion it’s harder to find things to inspire dance pieces in my opinion but then again I’m not a dancer so I don’t know if it’s easier for her. I know I struggled to incorporate dance into my presentation


Thoughts about my presentation


I think my presentation was better than most as I think the text in my power-point was clearly readable and there was no unnecessary text. I forgot to mention some important details however for example that my group idea was challenging to perform, I did have that written down on the power-point though because it covered the main ideas. I wasn’t even reading my own power-point because if I were I would have remembered to talk about every important detail that I had written down there. My ideas weren’t brilliant, but I think that most people understood the main concept behind them, I even had some people come after talking to me that they liked one or the other idea. Everyone said they loved the idea that I did not choose though, which is the Pirates of the Caribbean deck swabbing. I don’t know if it was a good idea or not to present my other options, but I did it anyway just to show the options that I turned down.

Just before my presentation I had a problem where my pen wasn’t working but thankfully I thought of that possibility because my pen has been acting up lately so I sent the power-point through e-mail to myself as well which solved the problem.


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