Day 132 (Tuesday 25/04/17)

With it being an open event today there we weren’t on a schedule and had no defined classes which is good because we could work on things for our FMP. Immediately I rehearsed with Mia, we had been trying to go off script and it’s been coming along but still needs a bit more learning.

Some parts I don’t feel natural in which is what worries me the most because if I can’t find the actual true character then I’m not really acting, I’m just reciting the words. Thankfully we got redirected by Erica after lunch. She gave us good tips on what we were feeling and on what we could be doing. I think with this Mia found her character much easier as well. I now don’t feel as awkward doing some bits that I did before.

Finally I spent some time with Will just running lines for ‘The Last Supper’ It’s what we usually do now. We get together and just run lines trying to perfect those interruptions.




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